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Personalised Letter from Santa: 2020

We don't use templates for our Letters From Santa. We take the information that you fill in and write a letter around those details to make sure your Letter From Santa is as personalised as possible.

Since 2009 we have been writting our Santa Letters for hundreds of chilren throughout the UK. We can post as soon as the letter is written or on a date that you would like. We also offer discounts for multiple letter orders.

  1. Our Letters From Santa

    Fully personalised Letter From Santa

    All our detailed letters from Santa Claus are fully personalised. We don’t use templates and allow you to provide us with extra notes so the end result is a unique letter.

  2. Complete the Santa Letter order form

    and we then do the rest.

    Santa will write your letter, weaving in the magic of Christmas, so that even the doubters will believe!

  3. We write your Letter From Santa

    and post straight to them

    The letters are posted with a certificate to show that each child is on the Nice List and all envelopes are stamped with a North Pole postmark.

    Helen, Nottingham, UK

    Dear Letter from Santa
    I would just like to say thank you so very much for the three letters we received in time for Christmas.
    Our daughter's face when she received the printed envelope and letters inside were just superb, we will definitely come back next year.
    Thank you for keeping the magic alive.

    Mattias, Leksand, Sweden

    Dear Letters From Santa Claus
    Thank you for such a wonderful letter. Our Son Andreas was so very happy when his letter arrived and the joy he had for days was great.
    Thank you and see you next year.

    Leanne Martin via email

    The letters are fantastic, you have had me in tears.
    Thank you so much.

Welcome to Letters From Santa Claus

Personalised Santa Letters

Letter from Santa - Orders now being taken for Christmas 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome to another year here at Letter From Santa

Santa is just getting ready to write a personalised letter from Santa to each well behaved child around the world. He and the reindeer will soon be starting their visits to all the cities, towns and villages and see how all the children are doing. He’s also excited about visiting all the new babies on their first Christmas! There is something so magical about a baby's first christmas!

Here at Letters from Santa Claus, we have the Naughty and Nice List ready to give to Santa so he can check it twice, as he does every year. We can see that there are lots of really good children this year who deserve a personalised letter from Santa so much!  Al letters from Santa Claus we also offer online delivery so that you can get your letter anywhere in the world.

Detailed or Basic Letter From Santa?

Santa Offers two different types of letter;

For the basic letter, he uses a template but personalises it with the name of the child, age, three expected presents and what they call him.

The detailed letter is written from scratch (no templates are used for this letter) and each child in your household will receive a letter that is completely different to their siblings. There is no limit to the amount of personalisation in this letter type and Santa provides a notes section at the end of the form so that you can add any details you think are relevant (great if you are spending Christmas elsewhere!) He will also sign the letter accordingly, depending on whether your child calls him Father Christmas or Santa.

Santa will also include a free gift with each letter, whether it is basic or more personalised, which is a certificate saying how good your child has been this year!! Also let us know if this is your baby's first Christmas and he will tailor the letter and certificate to show this.

With lots of ho, ho, ho's

Santa Claus

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