Letters from Santa- Baby’s First Christmas

Hello, how are you all? I’ve just been busy baking cookies for when our grandchildren come round. They all love a treat at Grandma’s house especially the youngest Charlie. It’s going to be his first Christmas this year as he was born on Boxing Day last year. What a busy time that was! Nic had just woken up from his long sleep after delivering all the presents and a big Christmas day tea, when we got the call to say we were Grandparents again.

We are so excited this year because a Baby’s First Christmas is so special. That is why Santa will write a special letter to your baby if it is their First Christmas. It’s a lovely way of celebrating this special occasion and I know he will personalise them to show any milestones your baby has reached. (You just need to let him know on the form provided what your baby has been up to and he’ll include it in the letter.)

Well my Grandchildren will be here soon so I had better finish off this letter. Before I do though I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have lots of fun with all your children or grandchildren however you decide to celebrate it (Here in the North Pole the Elves throw a special party on Christmas Eve for all the new babies celebrating their First Christmas)

Have fun

Love Mary Christmas xx